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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 99cimages?

99cimages is the marketplace where you can buy photographs and illustrations directly from Publishers for just 99c.

Why get your images on 99cimages?

99cimages presents a substantial and fast growing collection of imagery from high quality, professional photographers and illustrators from around the world. These Publishers are highly motivated to provide you with their best products as they receive the license fee directly from you.

Do the images have model and property releases?

Within the terms of the Publisher License, the Publisher warrants to you that they have obtained the appropriate releases. 99cimages Ltd is not responsible for the images and therefore make no warranty in this regard.

How do I license an image through 99cimages?

Just click on the "Buy" or "Add to Cart" buttons. You then just pay and download

How do I download an image?

Once you have paid (securely through PayPal) you will be presented with a web page from which you can download your images together with the license you have bought. Just click (or tap) on the download icon and your image will be sent to you. Similarly clicking (or tapping) on the document button will download a license.

I can't see my images after returning from PayPal

If you do not see your images on returning from PayPal, just refresh your browser (usually F5)

What can I do if my download fails?

The images you have licensed will be available on our site for one hour. Simply go back to our site on the same PC or tablet without closing your browser and you will be presented with the "Download Area" button. Clicking that will take you to the download area, where you can download your images again.

What if I lose the images or forget to download my images within an hour?

We do not ask you to register, so you have no account with us. Therefore we cannot recover the images for which you have purchased licenses but lost or not downloaded the image. To recover the images you will have to re-purchase them.

What is the Publishers' refund policy?

The Publishers are under no obligation to refund you for any purchase, unless there is a serious problem with the image. In this situation please notify 99cimages via Twitter and we will liaise with the Publisher to arrange for a prompt refund.

What format will the images come in?

All photographs are delivered in JPEG format. Illustrations can be in Vector (EPS) or JPEG format. JPEG (jaypeg) is the standard compressed format for all photographs. EPS format is a vector, for which you will need a vector graphic program such as Adobe Illustrator. JPEG images may contain embedded color profiles.

What size are the images?

The images are approximately A4 or higher at 300dpi. You can find the size of any image on the single image view, which you get to by clicking (or tapping) on the image thumbnail. Vector illustrations can be re-sized without any loss of quality. The vector will download as an EPS file and you should have an application that supports Vector images such as Adobe Illustrator Version 8 or higher.

What can I use my image for?

Please refer to the terms of the Publisher License. This is the agreement which you enter with the Publisher which sets out the terms under which you can use the image. Within this document it states that each license provides for ONE individual human user to use an image for ONE Permitted Use only. Each individual human user must pay a separate license fee for each Permitted Use.

Can I use my image in "Work for Hire"?

Each purchase can be used for a single Permitted Use by you or your client. Please make sure your client is aware of the terms of the Publisher license, and in particular that they know that they do not own nor have the right to re-use or license the image.

Can I use my image in templates?

No. We will introduce a license option that permits such use in due course.

How many people in my organisation can use the image?

Only one person can use this image. Please acquire another license for another user

How many times can I use the image?

Only once. Each License is for one permitted use only.

Can I sell the images I have downloaded?

No, images are not for resale.

Can I download an image to use later?

Yes, so long as usage remains within the terms of the Publisher License.

Who is 99cimages?

Tom Donnelly and Lawrence Gould. Both previously executives of Getty Images Inc

I have more questions, can you help?

Please follow us on Twitter and we will respond to any futher questions you may have.